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Jamie Salinas is a paranormal investigator and an Award Winning Magician. Join us for a spooky night of mystery as we attempt to communicate with The Other Side. Together, we will investigate one of the most Haunted places in Texas, La Carafe. La Carafe has a rich history and was built in the late 1800's! It is a known hotspot for paranormal activity!

This event is limited to just fourteen guests. This intimate setting allows everyone to participate and you never really know who we will make contact with. Jamie will show you some Haunted Artifacts from his collection and together, we will attempt to communicate with the spirits of La Carafe and those that haunt the artifacts.

The evening begins with a meet and greet social hour downstairs at the bar hosted by Scott Wells who will entertain you and your guests with spooky magic. At the conclusion of the meet and greet social hour, you will be led upstairs to be seated in an intimate setting where Scott will provide a brief ten minute overview of the haunted history of La Carafe. He will then introduce Jamie Salinas who will present the artifacts in his collection and lead everyone on a paranormal investigation!

  • No One Under 21 Admitted

  • Every Must Sign a Waiver to Attend

  • No Heart Patients, Expectant Mothers or Anyone with a Medical Condition That Can Be Aggravated under Duress.

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